Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mind Controlled Bionic Arm Can Play Piano

Engineers develop a mind-controlled prosthetic arm dexterous enough to play piano

This summer the team hit a critical milestone when it finished Proto 2, a thought-controlled mechanical arm—complete with hand and articulated fingers—that can perform 25 joint motions. This dexterity approaches that of a native arm, which can make 30 motions, and trumps the previously most agile bionic arm, the Proto 1, which could bend at the elbow, rotate its wrist and shoulder, and open and close its fingers. A person wearing a Proto 2 could conceivably play the piano.

How long before we voluntarily have our limbs amputated to replace them with superior technology?

Also see The Future Of Mind Control.

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Ahmet Korkmaz said...

its a very nice post.
thank you.

sincerely from

Armand Rousso said...

It is a very interesting advancement. We can now seek towards replacing damaged part of bodies of accident victims.

Armand Rousso